FTP Log's default font is Courier New not Consolas

The default value for Display > Colors and Fonts > Fonts > FTP Logs is set to 9pt Courier New, when it is likely meant to be (or possibly should be) the same default monospaced font as is used by other items: Consolas.

Consolas is used by items Code editors and Rename macro builder.

System information:

- Directory Opus v12.23.1 Beta x64 Build 7710
- Microsoft Windows 10 v20H2 OS Build 19042.804

You can change the FTP Log font to whatever you want in Preferences.

The default works fine. This isn't a bug. I'm not sure why you'd think it was a bug?

There is no real issue with it, however I thought it may be an oversight from a time where one or the other font may have been the chosen monospaced font in use in the program, and the default was not changed for the FTP Log's setting. The other reason being that I'm not sure why two different monospaced fonts are in use when I don't believe either provides more glyphs over the other for example.

I think when the default for the FTP log was chosen Consolas didn't exist (Consolas was added in Vista I think), and we've just never updated it. It probably makes more sense to change it to be the same as the others. Thanks for the tip off!

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