FTP Query?

I'm just evaluating this opus program. I want to use the ftp function for transfering files to and from my xbox, this is no problem and works well, but i sometimes need to edit a .txt or .xml file on my xbox and this is where the problem comes in.

The only option in opus ftp is open, so if i open a .txt file then add some extra lines of text to it, then save it, then when i open it up again it has not been updated, the extra lines of text have not been added !!

So i then found you can do a right properties and change the attributes to enable read, write and execute.

But when i select these and apply i get error 502 (i think is was 502), but after this they are selected now but i still can't modify a .txt or .xml file.

Am i doing something wrong ??


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When you open a file on an ftp site, Opus downloads it first to a temporary file and then opens that temp file. So if you make changes and save it, all you are modifying is the temporary file.

The solution is to copy the file from ftp to a local folder, edit it locally, and then copy it back.

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ok thanks for that, i thought that may be the case.

It's just that other dedicated ftp programs edit on the fly.


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