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FTP Reading Contents of Sub-folders



I'm finding myself working on linux servers and cli more and more.

I was recently passed a file I SFTP'd to desktop from linux server. Thing was a nightmare with a ton of character length issues

I'm familiar with sed and after some tests thought the problem could use a different approach

I thought I would test using Directory Opus through it's FTP addon (haven't used it much since first testing it) and third party software - Flash Renamer.
Naturally it wasn't a very good alternative since drag and drop of file folders and files in the Flash Renamer window was a non-starter.
I actually anticipated this would fail. Nice if it did work, but no lost sleep.

I turned to Directory Opus' native file renaming feature set.
Initial tests were great.

However, on looking at alternative lister views (ie flat view), I found the lag time in reading sub-folders and filenames to be incredibly long

Linux is instantaneous to provide a listing in a text file
By comparison, its very quick to create a listing in a text file and download to a local drive to review

  1. Wondering if something similar could be adopted for Directory Opus as a solution to long delays in reading folders and sub-folders?

Wasn't really thinking of my workflow and renamed a folder before renaming contents under Directory Opus file renamer tools
So after renaming the folder, in attempting to rename the files, the folder "didn't exist". So had to reload everything again to account for the new file-name.

  1. Can Directory Opus provide some improvements to help reduce delays and mitigate some of these frustrations?

In taking some time work remotely with files, I'm connected with a server key. I'm noticing Directory Opus is authenticating connection with every file renaming request before issuing the command.
I had looked in the options for authentication on initial connection only but hadn't found anything.

  1. Can such a feature be adopted where once the connection has been authenticated and made, Directory Opus is left to go about its business and issues commands as instructed?
    Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm guessing Directory Opus is using (ssh) to issue the commands remotely and not actually using the connection it's already made?

Anything to help make working with remote files quicker and more efficient would be tremendously appreciated.