FTP slow..? :?:

Hi all ,
I was wondering if a slow FTP (upload to my website) could be explained by faulty settings somewhere in DirOpus. I have a cable connection with 8MB down and upstream should be 1MB. But updating my website using DOpus takes forever.. :frowning: Uploading a 32kb image can take up to a minute.. which is not good :wink:

Any suggestion is welcome :slight_smile:


I don't think it's related. It may be a problem with the server that keeps your website.
Anyway, I don't have speed issues with DOpus when uploading files by FTP.

Have you tried another program (e.g. FileZilla) to see it the problem happens with it too ?

Hi Abelthorne,
thanks for your answer. I have not tried other apps yet.
Will do that and see how it turns out.
Prolly you're right about the server speed that causes the problem.