FTP Subfolder Syntax

I am running DO 12.12 x64 on Windows10.

I am simply trying to set up a button that shows FTP:\Customer list in the left pane and a local folder right pane. I get the right pane no problem and I can get a specific site on the left, but I want it to list out like it does if I type FTP in the location bar, then click on Customer in the left pane.

I was trying to use FTPSITELIST, but I don't think this is the command I want or I am not doing the syntax properly.

Here is what I am doing so far:

Go "C:\Documents\Temp Work" OPENINRIGHT

Any help is appreciated.

I don't think there is a way to do that currently, if you mean you want the file display to list a sub-branch of your FTP bookmarks.

It's something we can probably add for a future version, as being able to do that makes sense. It was just overlooked until now.

You can go to ftp:// on its own if you want to go to the top-level of the bookmarks, but there's no way to specify a sub-level, at least that I can work out at the moment.

The Go FTPSITELIST command can show a branch of the bookmarks tree, but it would show it in a menu or toolbar rather than in the file display.

Perfect. I can accept those answers. They are completely in line with what I was finding.

I thought I was just being dense and missing the obvious somewhere.

If anyone has any pull, I'd like to suggest it. It would really help me in my day to day work tasks.


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I did just discover that I can save it as a Lister Format.. with the right directories.. down to Customers. This will work.

On further investigation, there is a way to do this:

Go PATH="ftp://SITE=Customer" OPENINLEFT
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Thanks so much! This is exactly what I was looking for. I knew I was close.

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