FTP window error won't go away despite the connection to site is closed

I'm browsing over a FTP site, hit back to restricted area, a modal window pops up like this:


I keep clicking [OK] and it just reopens. I close the lister in hope that the connection is closed, but it just remains there. I need to close the entire Opus, then.

It's easily reproducible.

Any remedy?

Is there a public server that reproduces this? Or could we have a login to one which causes it?

This it the public Wordpress hosting site. I may share the information with you privately, since I know you from ages. :slight_smile:

I saw in the private message thread that you couldn't get it to happen anymore. Is that still the case?

Yeah. Looks like it has disappeared by itself. Very strange. The next time it'd happen, if ever, I'll pay close attention and make sure to understand what steps are needed to reproduce the error.

I was 100% sure that I would be able to reproduces it, and since I was busy I thought to got back on that later.

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Something similar is happening again. I browsed through one of my web sites. The server has closed connection for some reason. I either closed the FTP tab or opened a local folder over it, hoping the FTP connection request would go away but looks like it's remaining open in a background trying to reconnect.