Full Preview Word doc and docx files xls and xlsx

I have been a long time user of opus 8 and then 9 but when I introduced it to my company it was rejected because it could not give thumbnails of MS Office files , .doc, .docx, xls, xlsx, .ppt files. I downloaded Opus 10 with great hopes but I still see no thumbnail files for word, excel or powerpoint files.

At work they have purchased a site license for another file manager which gives them thumbnails of word, excel and powerpoint files. With word it is a very good thumbnail of the first page of the document, with powerpoint it shows the first two slides and with excel it shows part of the first sheet.

This saves hours of searching and I thought for sure Opus 10 would finally do this, but I found that it is still only showing the icon and I have to slowly scroll through each file and wait for a preview to show up in the preview pane.

Windows Explorer shows resizeable thumbnails of word, excel and powerpoint. So am I doing something wrong or is this still not available?

As well when doing searches I cannot see anywhere an indication as to how many files have been found so far in a search and an approximate time left in the search. Is this also not available or am I looking in the wrong place?

I hope Directory Opus has got these areas covered and then I can present it again to management.

Both Opus and Explorer show exactly the same Office document thumbnails and previews for me, as shown below.

Are you using an old version of Opus 10?

Note that, whichever program you are looking at, you only thumbnails if you select "Save Thumbnail" when saving the documents in Office.

Hi Leo
My version of windows 7 shows actual small reviews of each word document so I can quickly scroll through them and that is just in windows explorer itself. It doesn't have a W icon on each doc.

The other directory software we use at work shows small reviews of each word document and first pages of excel spreadsheets and powerpoint first page. This is excellent for a quick scroll through to find the one you are looking for. The problem with the one we presently have is that the thumbnails are a set size and cannot be enlarged. It is only small med or large. While it is fast going through it is hard to see the contents many of us would like to scale the thumbnails to whatever size we prefer to either see more of the thumbnail or less of the thumbnail but more files.

How do I upload an image and I can show you what the other software looks like. We have about 1200 employees and management liked your software but not without proper thumbnails of word docs since that is the most common file in use for office correspondence.

Let me know and I will post an image

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