Fully themed DO10 on Windows 8

DOpus 10 :slight_smile:!

Nice theme!
Can you please share the theme or give instructions how to set it up?

+1 on that post :slight_smile:

Thanks. You can download icons and backdrops in their section in this forum.

Found the icons and the backdrops. Can you also share the toolbars?

No, the reason why I do not offer a complete theme is because I have buttons incl. personal data and external, paid apps for IT-Administration. But most buttons/toolbars base on default ones from DO9/10.

Very nice.

How do you get the flat colour file display borders? I can't find an option to change from the default gradient toolbar style.

They also look thinner vertically than normal...


Use search in prefs and type "gloss" or "gradients".

If you mean where the path breadcrumb is, I believe its thinner because he is not using the new File Display toolbar, and instead using the 'static header'.
Search the preferences for 'file display' and select display as 'Static header'

BTW the screenshot is very old and shows DO10 (which has no file display toolbar).

Ahh yes, gloss_and_gradients in the Advanced section, which I haven't really delved into yet.

Thanks, Sasa.