Garbled path

Sometimes Opus 10 garbles the path that is shown on top of the form, looks like it's converted into binary or something. See attached screenshot.

I haven't been able to find any particulat pattern for when this happens, I have however noticed a couple of times that it has happened to the first lister I open in a Windows session, but it doesn't always happen here. Cannot find a way to reproduce it e.g. by opening a lot of listers, I just notice that sometimes one of the listers (I often have several open) behaves this way. I don't think I've ever seen more than one with the problem at a time, so possible it is just the first one I open it happens to, occasionally. It keeps remaining in that format if I browse through different paths. I always use Dual Vertical display btw, and have set Opus not to start automatically with Windows. OS is XP SP3.

Not a big problem, I can just close the lister and open a new, which so far always have displayed the path correctly. Just thought you might know what can be causing it.