Generate text file of dirs and files?

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I've been looking for a way (without using xml plugins for Microsucks Word) to generate a text.txt file of file names etc.. I would like it to be cascading (generate list of directories, files, sub-dirs and files. Any ideas? I've found that my ACDsee will do a directory when in detail view mode, but does not do subs.

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Depending upon your version of Windows you might set up a button that runs as a "MS-DOS Batch Function" with the following command:

dir /b/s/o:n > c:\list.txt

A text file named list.txt should be created in the C:\ directory that contains all the files and folders of your active lister (including the subfolders and subfolder files) which are sorted alphabetically.

JohnZeman Thank you.

I feel real dumb now, that is so simple, but haven't used DOS scripts in a while and didn't even think of it. I guess I was trying to make things more difficult than it realy needed to be.

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By the way, Opus also has such a feature built-in via the Print Folder command, although it also doesn't do subdirectories at the moment.

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FWIW... it looks like the Print Folder command does indeed do subdirectories. Personally, I'm not a fan of the output format as it's entirely based on the file displays column formatting.

It would be real nice to have an option to print the info in more of a 'tree' like structure like the dos 'tree' command which Nudel has suggested to others in the past - or to use a more 'Opus' analogy - I'd like Print Folder to print the info as displayed in a Flat View lister.

Also, (not that anyone asked :slight_smile:) about using 'tree' as a subsitute for 'dir'; the 'tree' output uses special characters for the 'lines' that connect the tree hierarchy. If you redirect to a text file, it looks funky. If you redirect (or rename) to a .doc and open in MS Word, you can say 'NO' if prompted to install a converter, and then when prompted with the default 'convert' choices select 'MS-DOS encoding' andyou'll get legible lines back that can be copied and pasted to a .TXT file. Pain in the arse though...