Genie Timeline 2016 integration crashes DOpus 11 at Tab Close

Recently installed Genie Timeline 2016 (v continuous backup utility to Windows 7 64Bit.

Genie integrates its Restore function in a DOpus tab (when DOpus handles all Explorer functions) to display backup versions.

Having opened Genie's 'timeline' feature in DOpus, then close DOpus tab, DOpus crashes.

The errror (0xC0000005) occured in thread 'dopus_lister' at address 0x000007FED9FC1579....may be non-critical... etc.

I shutdown DOpus and repeated the test - Genie opens DOpus to a new tab but manual shutdown of the DOpus tab causes DOpus to crash again - same behaviour.

Anyone had any experience with this?

Can I see a DOpus crash dump for details perhaps?


You may be able to exclude its folders under Preferences / Launching Opus / Explorer Replacement to stop Opus windows opening for them, depending on how it works.

Crash dumps should exist in the temp folder, and can be emailed to if you'd like us to take a look. It the crash is in Opus's own code then we can probably fix it, but it may turn out to be in the Genie Timeline shell extension and need reporting to them. We might be able to provide some useful context about when/how the call is being made into their code to help, so even if it's not in our code it's still worth us taking a look.