German Version different?


in the German support forum they say it's not supported to simply install the English over a German and then select "German" as language because this would have some hidden side-effects like old DLLs, erroneous plugins a.s.o. Anyway, I think this is exactly the way you would upgrade DOpus running other languages than German.

Is the German version different to the English DOpus with any other language set?

Thanks, W@ng

I believe Haage & Partner (the distributors of the German version) do replace some of the plugin DLLs (and maybe other components) with translated versions, so the installers from them could well be different.

You should ask over at their forums or mail them directly for a definitive answer, though.

With the help and support of Haage & Partner, we have now been able to produce an essentially full German version. This consists of the Deutsch language support for the program, viewers and related parts including German help file and other links. H&P are working on a full German manual. (Not an easy job!)

So, although the program is the same, the German installs are infact different.

We attempt to make the German version available at the same time as the English version but there can sometimes be a day or two time-lag.

German users can install the English version (or any other language if they wish) but it is not 'guaranteed' to work in German!

The official advice to all German users is to wait and install ONLY the German version. This will lead to less potential problems for you.

Language files can change between versions so an English version X.Z will require a language library X.Z. You may have issues if you try to use such with a language library X.Y, in which case the German language library will not be recognized as valid and you will be unable to run the program in German.

Because the German build is slightly different, if you have issues with the German versions that are language related, please report them to Haage & Partner who then correlate such issues with us.

So, to summarise, please be patient and wait for the German version.