Get a list of user Lister layouts to delete a persisten variable

I'm saving some persistent data per Lister in lister vars, which is saved in a Layout per the docs due to persist. Now, if I wanted to delete all of that data, how would I iterate over the list of available layouts and delete some named variable?

You would have to open the layouts, change the lister/tab variables, then re-save the layouts.

Unless you're storing a large amount of data, you can usually just leave it there. (And if you are storing a large amount of data, it might be worth rethinking how that's done anyway, e.g. store it on disk somewhere and save a variable that just points to it.)

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I wanted it more for completeness of cleanup options, it's a list of closed tabs with just a few fields like path and date, so I guess a few hundred of those is peanuts

Guess I could also store that in global vars, but will just leave it as is for now