Get duration for use in a JScript Rename script?

In Standard rename of course i can use video tags like this:

but i want to rename my files in JScript, because i want to calculate the duration time in minutes, so if the movie playtime is 1h 20min i want output 80min...


This will get you the duration in seconds within a rename script, displaying it as script output without changing the files:

function OnGetNewName(getNewNameData)
	var md = getNewNameData.item.metadata;
	var duration = null;
	if (md == "audio")
		duration =;
	else if (md == "video")
		duration =;


It's returned as a number, so you can divide by 60 to get minutes. (You might want to add more error checking, of course! e.g. If the duration is unknown.)

i use this:

function OnGetNewName(getNewNameData)
	var item = getNewNameData.item;
	var meta = item.metadata;
	var minutes = Math.round( / 60);
	var result = item.name_stem + minutes + ' min' + item.ext;
	// DOpus.Output("Result    = " + result);
	return result;