Get Folder sizes easily

I often want / need to know the size of the folders in a lister so I have the 'Size' option on my Folder Format. It doesn't always show the sizes of the folders, (which I'm not bothered about) but when I do want the sizes, I have to 'Select All (Ctrl A) and then get the size (Ctrl L).

Is there a way to make a button that will do these operations with one click and get the sizes of the folders in an active pane?

Any help will be appreciated.

Edit > Calculate Folder Sizes (Ctrl+L) will calculate the size of all folders in the window if none are selected, or just the selected ones if some are selected.

So normally you'd just use Ctrl+L without selecting anything, or after clicking to deselect everything.

If you want a button/hotkey which calculates the sizes of all folders even if some were selected, you could use this:

Select NONE GetSizes

(It doesn't matter much if you select all or select none, deselecting everything is a bit neater as it won't leave all the files selected.)

Thanks Leo, it was exactly what I wanted.

I never miss a chance to tell people about Opus.

My big problem now is I have to convince my better-half that life will be incomplete without Opus 11 when it is released.

Thanks again.