GetCopyQueueNameData vs DOpus.listers(0).activetab.path

This is regarding the issue here:

Under what circumstances would GetCopyQueueNameData.dest be different to DOpus.listers(0).activetab.path? Because I expect them to be the same if I copy a file/folder into a tab in which that tab is also the main active tab. However, it's not the case if the location of the tab is a network location mounted onto a drive letter. If it's a network location that's not mounted onto a drive letter, it is indeed the same as I expected.

What are some examples of paths when it's not the same?

I listed the example in the linked topic but basically:

OnGetCopyQueueName.dest = \\MidnightMoon\Data\
DOpus.listers(0).activetab.path = \\MidnightMoon\Data\

but once I mount \MidnightMoon\Data\ to Z:\ and then browse to any other folder in Data such as Pictures:

OnGetCopyQueueName.dest = E:\Pictures
DOpus.listers(0).activetab.path = E:\

They stopped being the same.

Oh sorry, I didn't look at the link to the other thread.

Lister.activetab gives you the source tab's path, and GetCopyQueueNameData.dest gives you the destination path, so I would normally expect these to be different. Or have I misunderstood something?

Oh yes you are indeed correct! When I am manually pasting a file/folder into a tab, that tab, the active tab, should be the same as the destination path where I copied/moved the file or folder to. It's only the same in this condition. However what I was trying to do is figuring out the problem I was having in getting GetCopyQueueNameData.dest to work properly with network locations that are mounted on a drive letter.

Basically my script was working perfectly well with locations that are local on the harddrives and network locations through the UNC paths. Once I mounted a UNC path to a drive letter though, no matter where I am on the mounted drive location, GetCopyQueueNameData.dest would only give me the root drive letter rather than the actual path I'm on. Therefore if I'm browing through the mounted network drive letter to Z:\Pictures\Europe, for example, GetCopyQueueNameData.dest would give me E:\ instead. If I did not mount the network path and browse to \\ServerName\Pictures\Europe, GetCopyQueueNameData.dest would give me the correct path unlike before when it was mounted. Therefore I wanted to know why GetCopyQueueNameData.dest is not working with network locations that are mounted to a drive letter and whether this was intended or a bug.

Ok thanks, I understand now - looks like a bug! Will be fixed in the next update.

It's fixed now! Thanks!