I have asked for such option years ago. Unfortunately, it doesn't work well - it skips junctions, but doesn't skip symbolic links (they are equal in behaviour, but junctions are obsolete after symbolic links were introduced).

Please support skipping symbolic links as well (I don't think there is a need for a separate argument).

It seems to skip symbolic links, from a quick test:

Ah, false alarm - sorry.

The difference while I've tried was this:

  • junction was somewhere deep in folders (and skipped correctly)
  • symbolic link was in a folder where I've initiated GetSizes on all items (not skipped)

On a first level, both junction and symbolic links aren't skipped which is fine, I suppose.

Yeah, it only skips nested junctions/links. If one is explicitly selected at the top level, it will still have its size calculated.

It wasn't actually explicitly selected - I have just hit GetSizes which, if nothing is selected, calculates sizes for all.

But, that's still fine.

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