Getting rid of folders in This PC

looking back over the history of comments etc there are more than a few who are, from mildly to fairly critical of many aspects of DO and of the people who manage support. one comment in particular was quite rude but ill reply to that particular person directly.

as for me, im just a dumb ass who struggles with the complexity of a lot of software and programs of today but at least im respectful of others foibles, unlike the generally, it appears pomposity and it seems sneering demeanour of some of the support people at DO, specially referencint the person just mentioned just previously.

philip jh
west melbourne. 3003

just by the by leo, we, well you didnt actually solve the issue. basically you pointed out that there is some technical issue which will be addresses in the next update. thats a DETOUR while the road is under repair so to say. im hoping you will notify me whence that date comes along

philip jh
west melb. 3003

The solution is to click This PC in the main part of the tree.

A fix for what happens if you click it via the Quick Access branch of the tree is coming. (You can't change what happens when you do that via any other method. You have to either click in the other part of the tree or wait for the fix to be released.)

The fix for that is in the new beta version 12.23.2.