Ghost breadcrumbs not showing on network drive

If I have 2 directories on C:

  1. If I navigate from C:\MyFolder1\Mysubfolder to C:\MyFolder1, I see Mysubfolder as a ghost breadcrumb.
  2. If I then navigate to C:\MyFolder2, again I see Mysubfolder as a ghost breadcrumb as there is a subfolder named Mysubfolder in both parent folders.

Repeat the same exercise on drive W:, which is a mapped folder to a \MyNAS\MyData and the ghost breadcrumbs work fine in test 1 (just moving up to parent folder), but they are cleared if I then try test 2, moving sideways to a different parent folder.
Same problem if I use UNC directly ie. no drive letter mapping.
Same problem if I use a folder on another Windows PC ie. its not just the NAS
Dopus 12.25.4

I can confirm the same thing.

We need to look into what's happening in more detail. It's possible it is on purpose, for performance reasons, but I am not sure yet, and haven't had a chance to do more than a very quick check so far.

We've looked in more detail and it's intentional for potentially slow folder types (network drives, FTP, etc.), and can't be changed currently. We plan to make it work with all folder types in the future, but it will require some changes to make sure it doesn't block the UI while it checks for the downstream folders on slow locations.

Makes sense.
Ok so Dopus checks downstream potential breadcrumb folders to see they actually exist before showing the breadcrumbs. That is sensible. But what if, perhaps as a user option, the potential breadcrumbs were still offered. If the user then clicked a breadcrumb, the folder would be validated at that point. If it doesn't exist either popup saying so, or do nothing (and remove the breadcrumb).
Reminds me of locking records in a database. Pessimistic vs optimistic.

Then it would be showing all sorts of paths that don't exist. If you navigated from C:\a\b\c\d\e\f to D:\ it would show D:\a\b\c\d\e\f even if none of those levels existed, which I think would be quite confusing.

We plan to make it do the checks on a background thread to solve the problem.

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I can confirm that as of Dopus 13, ghost breadcrumbs work exactly as I wished for here. Thx guys.

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