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Hi there i'm Very very new to this Opus program and I have to say.. WOW how did you guys fit all that into this little program?? lol
It may not be the prettiest thing [by default] on the outside, but damn if it isn't godlike on the inside, an explorer god i guess. I could just feel the years and years of experience that went into Opus once I started using it.

Being a person who doesn't mind spending hours and hours and hours customizing anything and everything to my specific personal taste, who NEVER wants to keep anything the default way.. this program was made for ppl like me i swear. Once I saw the price tag I kind of flinched.. all that $ for some explorer replacement? But yea, now since i spent the last 2 days playing with it [in semi-insomniac mode], I'm so convinced, I think I'd be getting a DISCOUNT for all the stuff this thing can do. Youre pretty much given a tool to DEVELOP your own personal file explorer/ manager. Ok so you can tell i'm thoroughly impressed, this after just about 2 days or so using and molding Opus. With zero progamming or command line knowledge.

So yea, Rock On Opus ppl!



Cool - welcome to the forums child! If you think you got a discount, then pay some of it back by being an active member of the forums . It's a cool place and many have found helping other ppl get into the groove with Opus to be addictive...

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Thanks steje, yea i'm so going to be spending hours & hours on Opus, trying to perfect it. And I've been reading a lot of these posts on the forum. Very helpful. Doubt I'm qualified to be helping anybody yet though, Im still a padawan myself. But give me a couple weeks I'll have it bustin backflips and 360 flares in no time. umm.. yea lol

Plus I have Zero programming/ command line experience, so i'm gonna have to figure out all those codes and 'arguments' and all that. What I need is a nice tutorial, hmm..

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Check out the FAQ and Tutorial sections of the Forums... Nudel has written a massive 'getting to know opus' tutorial out there and Tanis and others have various feature/function specific FAQ's posted here as well.

Also, programming knowledge is not required... consider the Opus 'functions' to be command line programs that operate either on selected files, current folders, or as general 'environmental' control applications to change the look and state of the lister you're in... There's definitely a lot to learn, but all an 'argument' does is to slightly modify the behaviour of an application. With Opus, just about everything you click on (toolbar buttons, menu items, context menu entries when clicking RMB on files) is running either an Opus function (with or without 'arguments') or an external application. The opus function arguments are pretty well explained in the online help system, though some of the 'newer' stuff added to Opus since 8.0 was released is not in there yet... for more info check the Opus 82 Changes.pdf file installed into the Opus installation folder. And of course, don't hesitate to ask here

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Accidently deleted this thread - too much clicking - not enough thinking :frowning:. Anyway, I've been able to recover most of the posts from the RSS feed but they all appear to be from me. The original authors have been added to the top of each post.

Some of the later posts are gone forever though.

Feel free to continue your Opus praise below. :slight_smile: