Globally change all paths in buttons, icons, etc?

I've decided to make a huge path refactoring in my system, and so I've created these env. vars:

%CLOUDPATH% => D:\Dropbox
%PORTABLE% => C:\Portable

In DOpus all my paths use the non-future-proof D:\Dropbox, C:\Portable paths, which, when changing all paths in buttons commands, icon references, etc. to new environment vars, I realize that this is getting totally exhausting as I have a TON of stuff in my toolbars (like all of NirSoft, SysInternals apps ...).

Is there any hacky/unsupported trick in which I can just edit some preference file with a text or res editor and make a find/replace for these paths??? Please, please, say yes...

You'll find the settings in /dopusdata. dnGrep ( is a suitable tool for search and replace. Backup your config, fully exit Opus and proceed with a bit of caution.


I think you deserve the highest accolade and a huge push of luck towards <insert-life-wish-here> for all your helpfulness in this forum, @lxp ! (That did the trick. Even though I ended up choosing grepWin, which I prefered over dnGrep because it's portable, fires up in milliseconds, super small, super quick and seems on par with dnGrep's features.)