Gmail Drive 10MB RAR Button

Certainly this could be 100x better, but for now, its a quick and dirty way to select some files and have the CLI version of RAR.EXE pack them up into neat, 10MB chunks for upload to Gmail via the GDrive VFS. If you use GDrive, you know the file sizes are limited to 10MB each. Also, Dopus doesn't have the ability to RAR on its own (my compression algorithm of choice) so you'll need RAR.EXE somewhere in your path.

I'm sure this could be changed to built in ZIP, etc. But, I figured what the heck - I'll share!

<?xml version="1.0"?> <button display="icon" effect="gray"> <guid>{A06C2E2D-34F2-46A3-89A9-653C7371A7A2}</guid> <label>GDrive RAR</label> <tip>Creates 10MB RAR parts for upping to GMail.</tip> <icon1>123</icon1> <function type="normal"> <instruction>rar a -v10000 "{dlgstring|New Filename}.rar" {allfile$} </instruction> </function> </button>