Go and relative paths

Is there any way to go (i.e. using the raw command Go) to a path relative to the one currently shown in a lister/tab?

Alternatively, is there any way to go directly to a path on an FTP server which is stored in the FTP site list? So far as I can tell, manually navigating to a path on the server (by opening folders) having connected in the usual way is fine, but copying and pasting the resulting path into a different lister is unsuccessful, presumably because it does not attempt to first log in with the stored username, password and security settings. Similarly, opening the current remote path in a new tab will work fine if left to finish, but if you navigate higher up the hierarchy before the tab contents have been refreshed you won't end up where you intended. I had hoped that it would be possible to use something like GO FTPSITE=XYZ PATH=//home/user/wherever/, but it appears not - which is why I was hoping to instead do GO FTPSITE, followed by something of the form GO relpath=../public_html (or whatever).

One of the things I regularly do is navigate local and remote copies of a website structure in parallel - I know that the possibility of this being automated has been mentioned on the forum before as a feature request (does anyone know if there are plans to implement this in the near future?). As a temporary workaround, I was hoping to have a toolbar button that opened (in dest) the remote folder corresponding to the local one (in source). I have an external script which would do this if only I could solve this FTP navigation problem.

[It occurs to me now that this will work the other way round, i.e. using the remote folder as "master", which will do for now... If anyone has a solution to the above problems, though, I would still be very grateful to receive them!]

Relative paths seem to work fine with the Go command, both locally and on FTP servers, provided you follow these rules:

  • Always start with . (current dir) or .. (parent dir).

  • Always use Windows-style backslashes, even on FTP sites.


Go .\amiga\biz

Go ..\pub

Thanks for that - I didn't think of doing .\ (and of using \ rather than / for FTP), but it now works fine both locally and for FTP.