GO Command


I created a button to batch-create some files and directories, it looks like this

FileType NEW=.xlsx NEWNAME="trotec-scans.xlsx"
CREATEFOLDER "Images\Install" 
CREATEFOLDER "Images\Service 1"
CREATEFOLDER "Images\Service 2"
CREATEFOLDER "Images\Service 3"
Go PATH="\Images\BA"

Upon running it, I get an error, I think at the last line.

I would like Opus to step into folder /Images/BA and stay there. How should the GO command look like to achieve that?

If I also want to add to the script to copy a Word file called "report.docx" from "C:\Templates" into the top directory near the freshly created trotec-scans.xlsx Excel file, how do I do that?

Many thanks, Val

Go PATH="{sourcepath}\Images\BA"
Copy C:\Templates\report.docx here
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Thank you, great, it worked well. :slight_smile:

Same button in 3 lines... :wink:

Copy "C:\Templates\report.docx" HERE
FileType NEW=.xlsx NEWNAME="norename:trotec-scans.xlsx" 
CREATEFOLDER "Images\BA|Install" "Floor Plans" "Images\Service 1|Service 2|Service 3" READAUTO

Thank you, much appreciated. :slight_smile: