"Go Newtab" and "Go Newtab=nofindexisting OpenInDual" behavior

Hi, this is my question:
One folder tree. Simple panel.
If I use the event "Go NEWTAB" -> The active tab become inactive, a newtab opens, with the configured color for the active tabs, and receives the focus. That's work fine for me and for all people, I think.
When I use the "Go NEWTAB=nofindexisting OPENINDUAL" event, a second panel opens on the right side and a new tab is created there, with active tabs color configured, but it doesn't actually receive focus. The focus remain on the first panel (left) not on the second (right), as I'm expecting. It means that I get two active tabs with the active color in differents panels.
What make I wrong?.
Thanks you for your reply.

OPENINDUAL won't change which side is source, just where the folder opens.

I think you'd need to run a second command to change which side is source, which can be done with tree selection events but is a bit of a pain (you have to make a User Command, then assign that to the events). I've made a note to see if we can make this easier, as it shouldn't be hard.

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Thank you very much. :+1:
I made a little advance, Adjust -> Preferences -> Tree Folders -> Events on selection, and configurating like this, it works... (but ONLY using "Control Key". If you set the Shift key SHIFT in the same way, it doesn't work) :slightly_smiling_face:



The poblem with the tabs colors... remains :

Somebody know why it happens and how to solve it? :disappointed_relieved:


The tab colors look normal. They don't usually have different source and destination colors. The tab colors only indicate which tab is active on each side, not which side is source. The location bar (under the tabs in your screenshot) changes color to indicate which side is the source.

In Opus 13, you can turn on separate colors for source and destination tabs under Preferences / Colors and Fonts / Directory Opus Colors / Destination.

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Than very much, Leo, but i can't understand one thing ...

In the simple view, in the status bar, I have configured to show the source or destiny category or status of this panel.

But... when open a new panel in dual mode as I told to you and reading your reply saying that the label tab color not indicate the status on each side... The thing is Why when I open the second panel, the status bar not show what panel is the origin or destiny if the second panel have the focus... maybe it not should become the source panel?.

Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.

The status bar only shows that extra information when using two separate, single-display windows as source/dest (something which is also off by default in Opus 13, as not many people use it and it can result in confusion if files are accidentally copied/moved to another window without understanding what happened).

(If you have any other questions that aren't part of the original, please start new threads for them.)

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I understood and I will delete this information from my status bar, you are totally right, can be misleading. Thanks you very much for your explanation.