GO ROOTTREE not working

I have a navigation 3 button that I often use.
Left Click is Go Current Roottree .
Right Click is Go Rebuildtree .

Go Current Roottree results in
An error occurred reading the folder: The system cannot find the path specified . (3)

I also tried to explicitly name a path.
Go F:\Programs Roottree does nothing even though I have a folder named F:\Programs .

As far as I can tell, Go Rebuildtree is working normally.

Changing the tree root has been removed, since it* caused a lot of confusion, and hopefully isn't needed as much now you have more control over how the tree is arranged.

(* Confusion was more about the Prefs "Start Folder Tree At..." option than the commands themselves, but as I understand it they're all tied together.)

I think we may have been contemplating adding the commands back but I don't know if that's still being considered. I suspect it's a non-trivial amount of work.