Go TABLINK=On also acts as if SLAVE option used?

While working on a new script I noticed that running a simple 'Go TABLINK=On' command causes the linked tabs to ALSO behave as if the SLAVE option was used as well... meaning that changing a folder in one tab causes the linked tab to follow it.

Not sure when this changed... but I thought that using 'Go TABLINK=On' was supposed to simply link the tabs from a tab activation standpoint, and that SLAVE mode was needed to link folder navigation?

Running v11.4.2... but noticed it first I think in 11.4 flat (not saying that is the version when I think it might have changed - just when I recall noticing it).

Confirmed. Seems like incorrect behaviour based on the manual at least.

Thanks for spotting it!

Sure... I only found it because I'm trying to use TABLINK in a new script after seeing you guys added the 'action' property to the OnXFolderChange event objects. I had asked for that based on some ideas I had for a few of the scripts that I had been working on at the time; but after doing some test script stuff I had a brainstorm for a script for MYSELF that I think/hope you will get a chuckle from.