Go tabselect=next

  1. It's great that go tabselect=prev exists
  2. Can we also have the option of go tabselect=next ?

Given that opus must keep track of the history to deliver 1,
then surely 2. must also be possible ?

And given that we're talking about the order of the tabs visited,
would next/prev names be clearer as instead, earlier/later ?

Opus only tracks the last active tab. If you run go tabselect=prev repeatedly, it'll toggle between two tabs. Each time the command runs, the tab which was active becomes the previously active tab, and the previously active tab becomes the new active tab.

There's go tabselect=+1 and -1 for that, but I agree the two are easily confused if you don't look in the manual. I think earlier/later could be as well though (maybe less, but still), since most words relative position are also used for relative time.