"Go to file location" - Find original for shortcut?

Is there a one-click toolbar "solution" to open the file location of the original file for a shortcut?

Until now I only found:
right click shortcut > Properties > "Open File Location"

Not only is that a three-click action instead of one-click, but also DOpus has the very annoying "feature" to leave the Properties panel open until I close the file location window. That makes it a five-click action if you count "close window for file loaction" plus "close Property window".

Make a button that runs Go OPENCONTAINER=target and then select a shortcut and click it.

(Or put it on the Context Menu for the .LNK filetype, which is what I do.)

Wow, that was quick!

Thank you that was the command I was looking for.

Can you explain how you add this to the .LNK filetype? which is my preferred way of handling this.

Goto Settings / File Types...

In the File Types dialog that appears, expand the 'System File Types' group and find the LNK extension (you can use the 'Find' button to locate it as well).

Double-click on the LNK extension, or highlight it and click the 'Edit' button.

In the Edit 'Shortcut' File Type dialog that appears, click on the 'Context Menu' tab and then click on the 'New...' button.

In the Edit new action for type: Shortcut dialog that appears, go ahead and type in a name for the new Action, then set the Type drop-down to: Run an Opus function (not supported in Explorer). And finally, paste the command Leo provided into the bottom edit window of this dialog, then OK all the way from all the dialogs.

When you right-click on LNK shortcuts in Opus, you should now see your new context menu action...

steje ...
That did the trick, thank you for the quick reply.


As an additional thank-you to Leo, I must say that this is one of my most used buttons on my toolbar. It also works for files in Libraries and is highly valuable in this example:

I use Libraries and DO is my most important file manager but I also use Adobe Bridge. Adobe Bridge is my entrance to Adobe Camera RAW. So I look for an image file in DO in a Library >> click on the toolbar button to find the original file/folder path >> copy/paste that path into Adobe Bridge >> open that image file in Adobe Camera RAW.

The only thing that would be even better would be a one-click button that opens the original folder path automatically in Adobe Bridge - but I am happy the way it is.

Thank you!

You can do that I think, you just need a tiny script button which resolves the library path and runs bridge.exe with that.

I just tried, bridge.exe supports a path on the command line to "jump" on.

If you're talking about loading actual files (and not the target of a .LNK shortcut file) into Adobe Bridge, and that you're concerned about Bridge not understanding the virtual lib:// path to the file - I don't think you should need any of that. Just create a button or context menu to call <your_path_to>\bridge.exe {f}. The paths for file codes like {f} (as opposed to path codes like {s} or {d}) resolve the physical (not virtual) paths to the file...

Thanks Steje, seems I overlooked the most simple solution! o)

Wonderful, that worked easy and is another great new feature (for me) of Directory Opus.

Thank you very much!