Google Drive odd path

Right-clicking the Google Drive client's icon from the system tray and selecting 'Open Google Drive folder' opens the folder in Opus sure enough, but the path is somewhat odd (see screenshots below). Once open in Opus, clicking my 'Open current folder in Explorer' button opens the Google Drive folder, sans odd path.

Another thing I noticed is that adding the odd path to Favourites results in a different icon to the default Google Drive icon (also seen in screenshots below).

This is not hampering functionality in any way, just wanted to make you guys aware of it.

That must be the path Google Drive itself is launching when you use its tray icon.

It's a valid path, although I can't think why Google Drive is using it. The \?\ prefix disables some of the Win32 filepath rules to allow paths that are possible in NTFS and Windows NT but not necessarily allowed under Win32's normal rules (e.g. spaces at the ends of filenames).

Hmm, interesting. Thanks for shedding a little more light on it for me. I've already added a Favourite using the "normal" path (as seen in the above screenshot) so I can have the correct icon, so all is well.

Interesting, good to know.

Hi GPSoft,
great job on an insanely great product.

However, google via Google Drive have caused a problem;
when trying to open a file in the lister, in a folder synced-to from GoogleDrive, to the c:\ drive,
the command invoked was
GraphicEdition60.exe {allfilepath}
where {allfilepath} evaluates to
\?\C:\Users\handee\Google Drive\Data\LinkToStaging_DropZone\notepad.txt
and of course gives the error
Directory does not exist

I know Dopus is not causing this error, but would you be willing to
add the feature to Dopus to fix the returned-reference inside the
function, and all similar functions ?

This would be trivial for GPSoft to do, and is similar to many of the
file-system peculiarities (e.g. "ignore 1-second file differences" internal-config option)
that GPSoft seems to (rightly !) pride itself on providing, to make the life of users
fast, easy and productive.

Please advise,
many thx,

We'll probably address this by removing the \?\ from the path Google Drive sends us, but haven't got to looking at it yet.

Of course, it would also be trivial for Google Drive to stop doing that, if Google listened to anyone. :slight_smile:

And that is a valid Windows path, so it should work and is technically a bug in the exe you are running. It'd also be trivial for them to fix their bug, too... :slight_smile:

I would like to bring this issue back!!! Please remove this silly \?\ because after all this years only problems is causing.

Thank you!


You could do this with a script these days, if Google are still opening paths in such a bizarre way.

(I don't have time to write the script at the minute, but if you want to have a go, it'd be the OnBeforeFolderChange event.)

Hi Leo can you please help me with the script?
I don't know how to trigger the event.

The problem is that when I double-click the GoogleDrive icon a new Lister is opening with this silly path.

Thank you as always


Rather than write the script, I built the change into our code, since it was just as easy in the end. It will be part of 12.2.4 when we release that.

Thank you Leo!!!

12.2.4 (beta) with the change is now available.