GP Software Sales Announcements

I received an email from GP Software today regarding a Directory Opus Black Friday sale. Given the DOpus forum often has prospective customers online, it makes sense to me that the sales announcement would be posted somewhere here in the forum. Has GP Software considered this? If so, what is the thought process behind NOT posting sales announcements on the DOpus forum?

Are you really complaining about this?

The sale is mentioned in the banner at the top of every page.

Quite the opposite. I love the sales and have taken advantage previously. I would simply like to see GP Software also post the sales announcements here so prospective customers who don't already have a license - and who LIKELY do not receive an email - can take advantage.

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I must be missing it then. I don't recall ever seeing it in a banner.

It should look like this, unless it has been closed (was only added a little while ago):

I Don't see it; likely a browser issue... Which others could experience, as well, and never see the banner.

EDIT: Cleared browse data, re-logged in and see it now. I closed the banner when I saw the 12.30 release note early this morning.

Would the banner reappear if another announcement were added on the same day?

Should do. I re-pinned it a few minutes ago just in case.

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Went ahead and upgraded to dual with USB because I truly appreciate DOpus and the GP Software team.


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From my understanding the name came about because the traditional big sales after Thanksgiving are when businesses get "into the black", i.e. when they finally start making a profit for that year.

The Internet has of course made it a global phenomenon.

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See .

Of course, I don't actually know that this is true either.