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Graphical glitches in UI after upgrading to 12.10


After going for 12.10 (pro) I'm starting to see a strange white border seemingly randomly around my toolbar. Resizing my DO window to smaller, then back up to larger makes the border disappear from the area that I resized, but intermittently it doesn't disappear entirely but leaves little glitch dots.




Just to clarify: Changing or removing the color settings in Colors: Toolbars and menu defaults has no effect on this border, nor do I have a #FFFFFF white color setting in all of my color settings anywhere.


I had similar issues after using graphic heavy modelling software, after a restart it went away. Might not be the solution for you though.


Restarting was the first thing I tried - no help. Also, don't use modelling software or have obscure pro graphics hardware.

What does remove the border is Customizing and moving the entire toolbar to a different vertical/horizontal position, and then back.
But as soon as I use a shortcut that applies a position and window size preset to DOPus, or restart DOpus, the border reappears.


Could you do a config backup (Settings > Backup & Restore) and send us the result via private message (or to if easier)?

The backups are zip files if you rename the extension, in case you want to check what's inside first.


PM sent!


After a complete reinstall of Windows 10 (LTSB 2016, 64-bit) this problem still persists on my setup.

It occurred to me that this registry tweak that affects windows borders very possibly has something to do with the issue. Leo, can you check if you can reproduce the problem with this registry setting enabled?

customization - window (374 Bytes)


Many thanks for the config!

We've found the problem and have fixed it for the next update. If toolbar borders were turned on, but both the highlight and shadow color were set to transparent, then the edges were not painted correctly.

Until the next beta is out, you can avoid the problem by either of these two workarounds:

  • Turn off Preferences / Toolbars / Appearance / Display toolbar top and bottom borders.


  • Set the toolbar highlight/shadow colors to be the same as the toolbar background color.


That is some next level debugging skills! Thanks!