Greetings, Short Filnames and Size of the characters

First thing fisrt, a big HELLO!!! to all the comunity of DO lovers.
My story... I'm Italian, I'm 35yrs old and I'm addicted to DO.
In the past years i had to format the pc every "X" months because of the trial time expiration, then a couple of days ago I asked help to a friend with a credit card (In italy we don't use it a lot) and now I'm the proud holder of a License of this wonderful program... and no... i'm not a bot, neither i'm paid from the programmers to say all these things. :sunglasses:

Well.... lets come to the main topic(s)

  1. I never had this problem with DO, but after the installation of the software and after i launched it, and i found that all the names on the file windows are in the short DOS format. As you can see on the Screenshot, the problem is not in the data on the hdd (in the tree pane the names appear as they should be), but in the file pane they appears like i used to see them on my old DOS o.s. name~1.ext . Do you know any way to fix this problem? When I've installed the new version of DO I didn't unistalled the previous (expired) installation (i might need a step by step utorial to do it).
    ((is 03.00 am and i don't have an imageshack account or similar, i'll upload an image if really needed))

  2. I usually use the pc while i'm sitting at the desk or when i'm liyng on my bed to see movies or things like that. So i need to change the dimension of the characters of the file pane every time (8pt when i'm at the desk - 22pt when i'm on my bed). I usually do it with the menu. My question is: could anyone suggest me how to create a button to change the dimension of the characters (if possible, cycling between those two sizes) on the fly, without entering in the menu everytime?

Thanks in advance, everyone. I'll have some more questions in the future, for sure.

Ah... my OS is windows 7 64bit

Sounds like something is left-over from the pirate versions (or things done to artificially extend the eval period) you used in the past as that is known to trigger the 8.3 filename problem you are having. If you can't work out what it is, contact GPSoftware support.