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Grid Lines Colors - Getting the Name column to match all the other columns?

I apologize if this is not the correct place to post this, however, I was curious about how I can get my grid lines to be uniform across the line and not different shades on the name column. This is what I mean here:

I'm trying to figure out why the difference or blur added.

What options do you have set in Preferences / File Display Modes / Details ?

Change the horizontal grid line setting to one of the "line" options. You've got it set to solid fill which means every other line is filled with the selected color.

Well that's how i want it, I dont want the Name column to be blurred out as in my first screenshot post, when i change the Horizon to a line option it looks like this:

I figured out what it is, the selected column (sorted column) is causing a blur. Just gotta figure out how to unset that.

In your first picture you drew arrows to both the name and type column so I assumed you were talking about the whole line, not just the name column.

The option you want is Preferences / Display / Fields / Current sort field.

Much love! Thank you so much. I should have been clearer as it was very confusing :). It's always nicer when people are just in my head and know what i'm thinking, lol!

Riding on this thread.. I notice that in the Destination lister, the grid lines are not the same at the end where there is no column anymore (see attached screenshot). This does not happen in the Source lister, which has the grid lines uniform across.

I can't reproduce that so far:

If you want to send your config backup (Settings > Backup & Restore) via private message, I can take a look in case it's caused by a combination of settings I haven't thought of.

Hi Leo, you have to click on the right pane to make it the Source. Then the left pane, now a destination, will see it's unused column's grid lines not changing. I have PMed you my config backup too.

Go to Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts / Files and folders and change the Unselected background color for both Files and Folders there back to Transparent.

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EXCELLENT! This works! Thank you so much! There is so much way to configure Dopus that it just blew my mind!