Group by File Type


Is it possible to group by File Type? It is pretty natural to keep Documents/Sounds/Music etc together.

If you have the "Type" column showing, you can Alt+Click on that column header to group by it.

Or make a button that runs

Set GROUPBY=type,toggle

That's Type, not File Type. I mean, I would like to fall .zip, .rar, and .7z fall into one group.

Type and File Type are the same thing.

Do you mean you want to sort/group by File Type Group?

Yes, that's it. Is this possible? If not, please add such option.

We might add that. There's a slight problem in that the same file may be in more than one file type group, but I guess that is rare and we can just pick one of the groups arbitrarily if it happens.

+1 for this grouping idea