Group by Type, CRDOWNLOAD not updating once complete

Hi, my lister is grouped by Type, when I download things via Chrome, they end up in the lister grouped under CRDOWNLOAD, but this should update once the download is complete, the file type itself does update, just not the grouping header. I've attached a screenshot.


Thanks for reporting this.

It has been fixed for the next update.

Hi Leo, I'm running Directory Opus Pro 12.14.1 (Beta) Build 7075 x64, I can see the file type group updates after the item is downloaded, however it shows up in a group of it's own, I have a bunch of other files already showing in an existing group, but this file appears in it's own group - but with the same group label. I have to refresh for it to appear alongside the others.

It seems OK here, testing with a .exe download.

Could you post a screenshot of the whole window with the duplicate groups so we can see exactly what's happening, and indicate the file that was downloaded so we can test with the same filenames and types?

Sometimes, very rarely, I see a ghost .crdownload persist until a refresh. Selecting it and firing a delete does nothing. No idea how to reproduce, but just happened on v12.16.

I have downloaded an .apk file, here is a screenshot showing the issue, the file at the bottom of the lister is not selectable, I have to refresh to move it to the correct group and perfom any actions on it. The .apk extension is not registered on Windows by default, I have created the extension manually in the File Types dialog.