Group by type setting not sticking

Since updating to the newest version of DOpus, it appears that the group by type setting is not sticking when I reopen a stored lister layout.

Make sure Ignore folder formats saved within this layout is turned off for the layout, either when saving it or when looking at it via Preferences / Layouts and Styles / Layouts.

I checked and Ignore folder formats is turned off. But the group by type is still not sticking.

How are you saving, and then loading, the layout?

I save it by going through the menu and selecting the save layout option. I open the layout by either right clicking on the DOpus task tray icon and selecting the given layout or just double clicking the icon when that was my last open layout (which it usually is).

Oh, and it was working before the most recent update.

Do you mean the beta update? That had some changes to how layouts are saved.

If you link your account and send me a private message with a configuration backup, I'll take a look at it and see if I can work out what's going on.

I'll take a look tonight (where the problem DOpus install is located). Thanks for the help.

Where is the lister configuration file stored?

Layouts are stored in /dopusdata/Layouts

On a Win7 computer, is the /dopusdata folder under User/AppData/Roaming?

Just type /dopusdata into Opus.

(See How to back-up or locate your Opus configuration (Simple).)

If you're looking looking for the files to send them to me, a full config backup would be better. (The guide explains how to do that too.)

I checked out your config and the Group-By Type setting was only turned on in the initially-active folder tab. It was not turned on in the Daily Downloads tab.

I set the Daily Downloads tab to also Group-By Type, then re-saved the layout, and it was still grouping again after re-loading the layout. So I think that is all it was. Folder options like sorting and grouping are per-tab, not per window.

If you need any further help with this, please link your account.

Thanks. I'll play around with that tonight. Is this something that changed recently?

And I did link my account. Didn't know about that.

Not as far as I know. If it worked differently in the past it was a bug, at least.

Bug or feature?

The way it works now is correct.

Turning on grouping in one folder tab should not affect on any other folder tabs.

If you want grouping to be on in two folder tabs, you have to turn it on in both tabs. (And that way, if you only want it on in one tab and not the other, you can do so as well.)

If it worked differently in the past then that was a bug in those older versions which must have been fixed at some point, but I have no memory of such a bug or anything being fixed and I suspect it has always worked the way it does now, which is way it is meant to work.