GROUP BY with parts of filename?

I want to group by parts of the filename. Is this possible in any way by using regex expressions or so? If not, workarounds are welcome.

File name format is "Artist_Title_(Mix)[discogsid].Format". e.g.. "ABBA_Eagle(Single Edit '78 # 2)_[1434702].wav"

I have the same track + title multiple times on differenct CDs and want to group by from Artist, Title.

Due the sad situation that DO 11+ does and will not support ID3 in WAV files in the near future I can not use the normal music columns (which only read ID3 vom MP3 files).

E.g. I want to GROUP BY "^(.+?)(.+?)" (regex not tested).

Any idea?

Thanks a lot

Maybe it is possible to create OWN columns (with the regex expression from the filename) and set the GROUPBY on these own columns? Looked around quickly but couldn't find something. Am I right? Thanks

There's no way to do that. Normally you'd use audio tags/metadata, but not with WAV files as you say. (Almost any other audio format would be fine.)

Creating your own columns is possible, but would require writing an IColumnHandler shell extension.

Thanks! If I would have time I would program the column extension (never did programming on Windows - except 3-4 vbscripts for DO).

Ok, here is a my feature request. :grin:

SET CREATE_COLUMN ... Parameters should be column name, a script name (vbscript, jscript, etc.) which returns the value. Then it would be much easier for me and others.

The SET COLUMNSADD=Name should then add the column created.


Version 11.5.1 allows this.
This post should get you started Custom Column - "Custom Text Columns"

Thanks a lot! I've read about that. Will try this in a few days.