Grouping by multiple levels

I am trying to find if Directory Opus allows nested grouping for lister displays. I could not find any article or even in manual on how to achieve this or even if it is available.

e.g. I want to group by File Type and within that by Modified Date.

This way it will show all EPUB Files and when I expand the EPUB File Type group, it will show Today, Yesterday etc. and when I expand the Today, it will show the actual files for EPUB modified Today and so on.

Sorting will work within the displayed files like it works now if I want to sort on size for EPUB files modified Last Week, it should work.

Groups are only a single level. You can sort by multiple columns, and/or combine sorting and grouping, to do things like get a list of EPUB files in date order.

(A script could also make separate groups for e.g. "EPUB files on Date X", "EPUB files on Date Y", etc., but that probably wouldn't be that great.)

(A script could also generate a set of nested collections to do something similar in a bit of a nicer way, but the collections would not be "live", i.e. you'd need to regenerate them by re-running the script to add new files.)

You could combine grouping and filtering, e.g.:

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