Grouping Tags & Dropbox sync

Hi friends!

  1. I have set up tags for some folders. There are folders with only a tag (tag1) and there are folders with several tags (tag1; tag2; tag3...).
    I face this problem when I group by Tags: the folders that have several tags are being displayed under the whole string of tags (tag1; tag2; tag3...) and not as separate tags (tag1) (tag2) (tag3). It looks like the ";" separator is not working well...can you help me please?

  2. I use DO on several PC's, the folders with tags are inside our Dropbox folder, how can we see on all PC's the tags?

Thank you for your help!

That's just how grouping works. Each item can only be in one group. If you group by tags and something has multiple tags it'll be in a group named after all of its tags (along with any other items with the same tags).

ok, how can I filter/group based only on one tag?

I don't understand why use ";" as separator to the tags if for grouping it doesn't make any difference...what is the purpose of the separator then?

You can search for things with a particular tag via Tools > Find Files > Advanced.

Grouping is not the only thing you can do with the Tags field/column, and the Tags field/column is not the only thing you can group by.

The separator is arbitrary. If there wasn't a separator then the group names, when grouping by Tags, would be called things like tag 3tag 4Tag 5 instead of tag 3; tag 4; tag 5.