Groups or Sets of file folders, one per Opus12 window

I'd like to be able to save a, let me call it 'set' with all the directories I need for a project. Then be able to open that as a 'set' later. I want to create about 20 of these to match different tasks I do.

Less important: I'd like to be able to theme each so I know "Red is for my MCe development" "Green is for my Sales related directories"

Very important: I'd like to be able to see in the title bar (when picking which Opus window I want) instead of the current directory in the current tab, a name I assign to the 'set'.

I would then do something like open multiple instances of Opus12 (or 13) with something like:

Project 1 (and it's directories of note)
Project 2 (and it's directories of note)
Taxes (and it's ...
Blah blash

Medium importance: As above, I'd finally like to be able to SAVE these sets so I can on reboot, open the ones I currently want to have open (each in a different Opus window)

I'm open to suggestions of how I can get the same benefits, or even just some of them, using the current version of Opus12 assuming that what I'm asking for is a major feature request.

Layouts or Folder Tab Groups can do those things.

Layouts is the most likely fit, if you want to do things like change the window title. There's an option to add the layout name to the title automatically.

Thank you Leo. With that I was able to set it up as I wanted. I found the settings/preferences/display/options/Lister title bar for displaying the layout name as you mentioned.