Half Price Sale and 60 day evaluation

I used to use DOpus on my Amiga in the '80s and '90s, and it was the most used bit of software I had, so I'm quite interested in the Windows version.

My question is, if I download it now and get a 60 day evaluation, can I still use the half price Christmas code if I decide to buy it? I won't be buying it at full price, but at half price there's a reasonable chance, but I'd like to try it first.

At the moment I use Cubic Explorer which is a vast improvement on Explorer, but has problems, so I may move to Opus if I like it.

The discount code will only work for the next few days.

Now you mentioned Directory opus for the amiga necronom, I'm also had Directory opus for the amiga, I loved V 4 that was a really nice file manager, if I remember, V5 replaced the Kickstarter interface, but I wasn't as keen on that.

If you are interested in Dopus 11, Then from something that has used it since Version 8 (I think) you will find 11 to be a really nice powerful windows explorer replacement / file manager. (I started to read this guide,

I love the copy and paste functions, the search and filtering options are really powerful.

But anyway, give the program a shot, but I think once you install it, you won't look back!!

I used the last Amiga version before it lost the standard two lister view, and turned into Windows Explorer. I forget the version, and I'm in a serious rush now as I have about half a day to evaluate the whole of Opus 11! I'm away for Christmas, and I have to pack, etc. If I don't know I want it by tomorrow morning, I won't be getting it, as the offer will have expired by the time I'm back home :-/

I'm currently trying to work out if I can move the preview pane into the left side, under the folder tree part, as I don't need the tree to be that long, and the preview uses valuable width on the right. Also it doesn't look like the pic viewer lets me use the cursor keys to move to the next/previous pic.

Right, I've just bought it :slight_smile: I'm sure V12 will probably be released next week, but not at half price, so I'm happy with £21 for it.

Thanks for the link Matthew. I've just checked my Amiga versions. I used 3.5 on my A500, and and 4.15 on my A1200. Like you, I didn't like 5, so I stuck with 4.

I should have mentioned (the developers may be interested) that although I already knew of it on the PC, I heard about it again on the Amigos Podcast, then read Shane Monroe's review of V10.

Good choice, necronom :thumbsup: Welcome to the family. You won't regret it!

Now show your true colors and support by linking your account so everyone knows you are a legit customer :slight_smile:

I'm just getting error 500 - Internal Server Error when I try. I'll keep trying, though it might be in a weeks time if I don't get it done by tomorrow morning.