Hanging when network resource closed

I am having two problems with Opus 11.5 X64 (Win 7 Pro) though they have been present at least through recent BETAs as well:

  1. When DO opens a lister, if one of the panes was last connected to a network resource (eg another machine) and that resource has now left the network, instead of handling that gracefully, Opus just hangs. Sometimes it clears after 2 or 3 minutes, sometimes the hang is indefinite.

  2. The folder tree these days seems very slow to reflect changes in directories. For example, a deleted directory may continue to show in the folder tree for a long time (even 30 minutes) after deletion when the lister pane has long updated. The tree continues to show the obsolete directory even through an F5 refresh.

Both these issues seem to be more due to DO than the operating system as Win Explore can be opened and shows proper info even whilst DO is misbehaving.

The two things may be related, as unavailable network drives cause most Windows APIs to hang for several minutes, locking the thread which calls them with no way to unlock it other than to wait. (You can do everything from other threads, to minimise the disturbance, and we try to do that where feasible, but it's not perfect.)

Avoiding the situation where things are left pointing at network resources which do not exist is the best thing to do.

Turning on Preferences / Folders / Auto-Loading / Prevent Automatic loading of... Network drives can help a bit, but the tree will still try to access them if the tree is turned on and set to follow the current folder. (That's on our list to look at improving, but it's a very long list.)