Has GP Soft sold Opus to any Australian Federal Govt Dept, in the past?

Hi folks,
has Opus ever been sold to the Australian Federal Govt ?

I'm a contractor, currently working for the Dept of Education, Skills & Employment,
and my manager is willing to approve purchase of several licenses.

However, all products they purchase must go through a security assessment,
if not purchased previously, and that takes easily 6 months.

Thus my question, to try to determine if such a sale has previously
occurred, and thus determine whether the assessment has been done.
If so, please advise me of the Dept sold to.

Many thanks,
Brian Moloney

Hi Brian, yes we have at various times. However this forum is for technical support - please email sales@gpsoft.com.au with your enquiry so we can help you personally.

Thx Jon,
I've done that.