Has something changed in v10.1 regards File actions?

Forgive me asking this if it has been observed (and perhaps answered!) by others before before ... but ever since I've moved up to 10.1.0 I am finding that selecting a file in a lister's display (using mouse left-click) seems to sends DOpus off into some distant function for a long, long time before the "actions box" menu appears. [For info, I'm running Win7Pro64-bit with 32GB of RAM on an Intel975 Quad-core processor!].
An example: On my secondary HDD (Drive D:) there is a directory called 'Downloads' - yes, you can guess what it is! Currently there are 1685 files in that directory: Left-clicking on one of them (an application) to select it (and use Open or Rename from within DOpus) DOpus goes off for 48 seconds (the title bar shows "Not responding") before it eventually returns with the familiar Menu of options where I can then choose Rename.
If this is DOpus fetching the entire data for the directory so as to be able to act on this one file, then surely that's unnecessary - and I swear it didn't used to happen with earlier versions (v10.0 for instance). This has now become quite annoying, in that I can almost make a cuppa whilst DOpus goes away into "Not Responding" land. [I meant to add that if DOpus has indeed fetched all the data, then it would appear to have lost it all once an action has been completed, because if you then select the same (or another) file, DOpus behaves the same way again! Infuriating!!]

I've cleared DOpus out entirely (so there's no old config data hanging on) and then re-installed the program from a clean download, but I still get this 'absentee-ism' occurring!
I've even resorted to a clean re-install of Win7 to see if it still happens (in case there may be some config setting in the 64-bit version which is affected by something else). It does!
And it's not just on rotating discs: it does the same with my C: drive - an SSD.
The worst thing is that at times I now have to resort to using WinExplorer to do some actions, simply because DOpus is becoming so unresponsive!
I have had to give up using DOpus when looking at the contents of my NAS - there are so many files there that once I forgot, and DOpus went walkabout for nigh on an hour!!!
As you can see, my machine is well resourced for RAM, and (when installed) O&O CleverCache shows that the amount of RAM doesn't really get anywhere near running low. And I've opted NOT to swap out to Disk, but to keep the kernel operating entirely in local RAM.

Nothing to do with this has changed in Opus.

When you right-click (I assume this is what you're doing, even though you don't specify) on a file, Opus consults the list of installed context menu extensions in the system in order to build and display the context menu for the file you clicked on. Most likely some program you installed or added at around the same time as you upgraded Opus has introduced this delay. Another option is that a shortcut in your Send To folder is pointing to a network location that's no longer available.

If you follow the steps in the Crash, exit or high CPU when right-clicking certain files FAQ you should be able to work out which context menu is causing the delay, and then uninstall or disable it.

Incidentally, you can use the toolbar buttons to access functions like Rename or Delete, so you don't even need to right-click the files if that's all you want to do.

That's the problem. Too much RAM, it's looking for a place to hide. The other day I found some of mine under the carpet, and I only have 16 gigs, so imagine what it's like with 32! If you had to spend your life in a box with all these other gigabytes of RAM, you wouldn't feel special and you'd try to leave also.

Sorry, couldn't resist.
Earlier this year I had a similar leakage in my last machine, the desktop folder took many seconds to build. Glad it's fixed, and I feel for you.