Have a dopus lister locked on top of the desktop only

Hi folks my question here is that would like to know if it's possible to have a lister on top of the desktop only, not like 'always on top' for instance that would cover all the other windows, but more like a dopus window that would cover the desktop at all times and stay locked in place.

Basically, a lister that would stay locked and on top of the desktop only not the other windows.

Windows can never go below the desktop (unless they're minimised, which hides them entirely, or you switch to another virtual desktop). I'm not sure if I've understood what you're asking for correctly.

Sorry for my convoluted explanation what I meant is keep a dopus lister locked and maximized it the first position just after the desktop and under all the other windows. That way when I minimize everything that window would stay there 'hiding the desktop' and locked in place.

So you're using Win+D or the "show desktop" button bottom-right of the taskbar, and want Opus to remain visible when everything else is hidden?

I'm not sure if there is a good way to do that in Windows, at least that would work for a maximized window that you could still use normally via the taskbar and so on. Maybe there is, but it would be unusual. Why not just activate the Opus window when you want to see Opus? You can set a hotkey for that if needed.

yes maybe I should set a hotkey that would be better thanks again for the tip, sometimes I get in a wormhole of customizations XD