Have a new PC, can I install Opus to new PC while still using on old PC to transfer selected Data?

Greetings, just purchased new PC, would like to install Opus to new PC. I want to move selected data from old to new, then stop using old PC, using windows explorer is just not good. Can I do that?
Thank you GM

It helps us if you link your account so we know what version you have. If you have version 12 and haven't changed the default menus much, you can find Backup and Restore at the bottom of the Settings menu.

I suggest you restore it to the new machine and test things before wiping the old one.

I think you ask due to the license usage.
If you have a Pro license (for V12) you can anyhow use the license on two machines. But that is even not necessary.

Simply install on the new PC Opus without registering a license at the moment. The free trial is valid for 30 days. So do whatever you want to do, then deinstall Opus on the old PC and register your license on the new PC.

Thank you, Thank you Great advice, I'll do that. I do have version 12 Pro. Also, I did not know I had the Backup and restore option, WOW thanks again.