Have CBZ thumbnails while still opening in external app


I activated the "Archive and VFS" CBZ plugin so that Directory Opus displays thumbnails of my CBZ files. It works great.
But now, when I double-click a CBZ file, Directory Opus opens it as a compressed folder and lists the files inside instead of opening the CBZ file with the default external app defined in Windows (Honeyview).

Is there a way to have Directory Opus display CBZ thumbnails and still apply the default "open" action on the file when double-clicking ?
(when I right-click and choose "open", I have the desired behaviour, but I'd like to have it on double-click as well)

I think you just need to go to Settings > File Types and remove CBZ from the Archives file type group neat the top.

If that doesn’t work, or doesn’t stay working because it gets put back into the group automatically, shout and I’ll work out the command to override the double-click action for just CBZ files.

Wow, thanks for the super fast answer !
It worked. :slight_smile:

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