Having over mouse displaying folder size with a network drive (Nas)


there is a feature that i use a lot but which doesn't work with a Network Drive. it's the fact to have the mouse, when moved on a folder, to have the size of the folder immediatly displayed.

i have a Nas synology DS214se, and when i do this it's not working. it's work on all my computer drive but not there.
if i want to have the folder displaythe size i must do a Control + L

it's the same as well for files. if i put the mouse over a file, there is no info box who appears with different informations. it's very useful for mp3 for example to display some informations, but's it's not working when i'm on the network drive of my Nas (i'm in SMB).
can it be fixed or maybe there is a work aroung ?

thanks for the help !

See the settings next to Preferences / File Displays / Options / Enable file InfoTips in .... It sounds like it is restricted to local drives in your configuration, but can be changed there.

Thank you ! it's perfectly working now !! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: !! :thumbsup: