HDR file viewer?


I've been a user of your very splendid Directory Opus for a while now
(20 years?) and can't imagine using a PC without it.

Just a quick question - do you have any plans to incorporate an HDR file viewer (.jxr files) at any point? I mean something that will display them in proper HDR format (on an HDR monitor, obviously) both in thumbnail but more importantly via double-click.

I've been using a big HDR monitor for about six months now, and can take perfectly good screenshots via the Xbox Game Bar, and this produces both an HDR ".jxr" file and a simultaneous SDR ".png" file. THe only way to view the .jxr properly is via MS's lousy viewer program, but that will only do one file at a time, you can't just work your way through a list with it. You either have to start a new instance manually for each file or do a "File - Load" to get the next file (which loads a new instance of the viewer anyway).

It'd be great if you guys would get DO to do this. Icing on the cake.



Possibly in the future, but not the very near future. Part of the problem is HDR is still a complete mess in terms of both Windows and desktop monitors, as well as the file formats.

We have recently learned how to make Microsoft's viewer allow you to go to other files when launched from something other than File Explorer, and we will be making that work at some point in the nearer term. (Can't say exactly when, as it's still new and we're experimenting with the API.)